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Since 1992, we've strived to provide the best customer service, prices, and support to our valued clients in Burnaby and the surrounding areas. Our satisfied clients continue to come back to us for all their printer and toner needs as their businesses grow. Read reviews some of our clients below.

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“Customer Service was amazing. They had what I was looking for and I am a very happy customer. They were very knowledgeable and very easy to talk to. I am extremely happy with Tonertech, they had exactly what I needed, and they delivered it the next morning Very happy customer!”

Heidi Parker


“Our company has been using Tonertech for a few years. Their service is very quick and reliable. If for some reason, any toner malfunction occurs, they immediately come and provide us with new ones within 24 hours. They are our reliable vendor for toners as well as printers. Also, we asked for a recommended printer for our need. Kelly provided us with a few options and their price was at par with Amazon, so I purchased one from them. Our staff is extremely happy with the printer and we know the technician is available usually within 24 hours if anything happens. In sum, the company is a reliable for us.”

Jee Ho Ryoo


“Been using Tonertech for 10 years for smaller printers and worked well and always take care of any issues.”

Tom Achtem


“Been using Tonertech for several years now. They provide 90% of all toner we use at all our sites throughout two western provinces. Are they perfect? No. But they are however a damn sight better than just about anyone. Very good and consistent quality for re-manufactured product. Great customer service and a willingness to work with a difficult company (us). What impresses me most is when problems do happen, they make it right and show a solid interest in improving fulfillment processes. Generally very happy with these guys.”

Luther Trammell


“”Dear Tonertech – Thank you for the friendly and efficient quality of service this week. I was under a crunch to print some documents when my cartridge depleted. Being a new resident to Burnaby, I simply did a random Google search to find someone who could refill my cartridge. Tonertech was high in the search rankings and was the first and only place I contacted. I was most impressed after speaking with you and learning that your company picks up and delivers cartridges. Within an hour, Matt from your team called to say he was in the neighborhood and had a cartridge for me! I was most impressed that within an hour of running out of ink and contacting you, I was back to printing the documents I needed. Based on this experience, I will continue to use Tonertech in the future and will definitely highly recommend to others. Being a customer service evaluator and trainer, I hope to use this example of outstanding service to inspire others. Thank you again for the fast and friendly service. Please feel free to visit my website at”

Angela Greene


“Wonderful customer service and I am delighted they carry toner for my very old printer. Happy with the product and feeling blessed by the contact with the humans. I am a customer for life.”

Darcie French


Delivery was reasonable, price was fair, payment process was easy, initial contact with company straightforward and lovely. Plus, as a first time customer maybe, I got a chocolate treat from Charlie's Chocolate Factory. As a one-woman biz I really appreciated Tonertech service for my Lexmark printer. Tonertech will get repeat business from me.



“Exceptional customer service and great pricings.”

Hasnain Arshad


“Great customer service. Excellent value for money paid. I have been buying toner from Tonertech for a few years and I have always been happy with the quality of the toner and the friendly and professional staff. I highly recommend this company.”



“We have been using Tonertech for years. Their re-manufactured toners are of the best quality and the once or twice we have had issues, they were quick to replace the toner in question with no hassle. Quick delivery and excellent customer service from everyone. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

Marina Antunes


“Excellent Customer Service. They take great care in making sure our needs are met. They deliver & take away used toner cartridges to be reused or recycled properly.”

Jennifer Shieh


“We have used Tonertech for at least 20 years. There has always been excellent service. They return telephone calls quickly. Pick up and deliveries are swift. Very pleasant and helpful people always.”



“Whenever I call Tonertech, I know it will be taken care of. They always have exactly what we need, and the service is outstanding.”



“We have dealt with Tonertech in Burnaby for a number of years. We have always found there service and knowledge exceptional, there prices very competitive,and best of all they always have what I need. These qualities seem to be hard to find in this day and age, thank goodness for Tonertech.”



“Good Morning Eoin, I would just like to let you know that Sunny was great. He came in, listened to what the problem with our printer was and zeroed in on solutions within minutes. He was patient with me, as I am no computer guru. He was professional and polite. If you could pass along this kudo to his boss that would be greatly appreciated.”

Renee Homewood


“AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE like wow. As a new independent entrepreneur trying to startup a business I was completely floored with the sheer respect and service of this business. I called for a small order, something you can easily get at Staples or other retail, but NO, I wasn't treated like a low cost client or been quickly ushered out. So not only are the prices actually CHEAPER than other places, you feel like the actually care and take you seriously. Will def be keeping my business here while I'm in Vancouver 😁”

Michael Barriault


“The customer service here is top notch and greatly appreciated. I would recommend this company.”

Megan Lizee

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