Free Empty Toner Cartridge Pickup & Recycling ♻️

Tonertech has taken the initiative to offer Lower Mainland BC businesses an easy (and free) way to recycle their empty toner cartridges without ever having to leave the office. As part of our green office initiatives to provide environmentally friendly and sustainable products and services to our community, Tonertech offers free empty toner cartridge pickup and recycling to our local business clients in Burnaby, Vancouver, Richmond, New Westminster, Port Moody, Westham Island, Delta, Abbotsford, Mission, Chilliwack, and the surrounding areas.

It might be tempting to throw your empty cartridges away because the trash can is so close, but toner cartridge recycling is a more responsible and sustainable way to deal with your empties. Plus it’s easier than ever to do with our free pickup and recycling service. Here's how it works:


#1 Schedule a delivery

Use our online form below to get a quote or call (604) 439-9077 to place an order.


#2 Leave your cartridges

Leave your empty toner cartridges and we'll pick them up when we make your next delivery.


#3 We recycle them

Your recycling effort helps repurpose empty toner cartridges and keep them out of landfills. 

What time will you come pick up our empty toner cartridges?

To help reduce our energy footprint and avoid excess trips, we pick up your empty toners when delivering your new ones. Simply leave your empty cartridges in a designated area and our delivery team will remove them on their next visit.

What do you do with the empty cartridges?

Toner Recycling ProcessIf possible, we clean and remanufacture the cartridges to use with Tonertech's in-house line of Locally Remanufactured Toner, which we then offer back to our community at up to a 60% savings over OEM toner–thus continuing the cycle of local sustainability and furthering our green initiative efforts. A win-win-win! If we are unable to re-use the cartridges, we return them in bulk to our brand partners who dismantle them and go through a quality check before being reused. Either way, you are keeping your empty cartridges out of landfills and putting them back into circulation.

How much can we save your office on toner?

Click below or call (604) 439-9077